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Hey there! I'm Aseem. I'm self-taught and have worn many hats. I caught the programming bug at the age of 14 (1997), and it still runs in my veins.

I am highly technical and a fast learner. I am a nerd at heart who loves both the business & technical side of software development/engineering.

I think of myself as an "uncommonly proficient engineer" with a "keen eye for detail." I am fortunate to do what I love, and for me, software development is more than just a paycheck—it's a passion. This passion is evident to others and has a contagious effect. I enjoy teaching my teammates as much as learning from them, fostering a synergy that helps both the team and individual members continuously improve. After all, a team of great developers is even better than a single great developer!"

I have often received praise for my knack for interacting with end users and keeping their needs front and centre. Meeting or exceeding customer expectations is my top priority, and I've earned the "full confidence" of both internal and external customers.

My team appreciates my dedication to their growth and success. They see me as an exceptional mentor, always ready to share my knowledge and explain technical concepts. I firmly believe in the "iron sharpens iron" philosophy, knowing that the best software is created through collaboration.

I am known for being well-versed in all stages of software development, from requirements and design to implementation, testing, and more. In my career spanning more than 15 years, I have worked as a CTO, Engineering Manager, Technology Lead, Technical Consultant, Software Engineer, and developer.

At my current startup, stackway, I am passionate about creating high-performing software development teams where engineers are encouraged to take responsibility for their growth and methodological rigour in a positive, fun environment.

"If it's work, we try to figure out how to do less. If it's art, we try to figure out how to do more." — Seth Godin

To me, software is my art.

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