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Hey there! It's Aseem. I'm self-taught and have worn many hats in a career spanning more than 17 years. I am known for being well-versed in all stages of software development, from requirements to design, implementation, testing, and release.

For me, software development is more than just a paycheck—it's a hobby I genuinely enjoy pursuing. I am pretty pragmatic and appreciate both the business and technical aspects of software development, which help me build products that are agile, delightful, and profitable.

As a technology leader, I've built teams around processes & achieved peak performance by training & motivation.

With my keen interest in usability, interface design, design systems, and typography, I focus on creating user-centric, simple, consistent, and stand-out products.

I am someone who just identifies & solves problems without even being asked to solve the problem— identify the problem, go solve it, not necessarily update everyone every step of the way, not ask silly questions, and finally come up with solutions. Because building a company/product is an infinite set of problems that are being thrown at you.

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